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    1、——How is it that you know she’s got back from the UK?

  ——She ____ when I came out of the house this morning.

  A. seemed to be passing B. happened to have passed

  C. chanced to be passing D. chose to be passing

  2、——Is there any hope of saving his life?

  ——His injuries are extremely serious, but he’s expected to ____.

  A. pull in B. pull through C. pull up D. pull over

  3、All the task ____ ahead of time, they decided to go on holiday for a week.

  A. had been finished B. were finished

  C. having been finished D. been finished

  4、——He ought ot have been warned of the danger.

  ——____, but he wouldn’t listen to me.

  A. yes, he ought to B. So he was C. So was he D. So it was with him

  5、Lang Ping, who is said to have started her coaching career in America, ____ volleyball in China for almost twenty years.

  A. played B. have played C. was playing D. had played

  6、An actor can not well play the role without life experience ____ more than a dancer can make a difference without much practice. 

  A. any B. no C. not D. much 

  7、Each of the 400 people received from their boss____ gift——“Who moved my cheese?”——____ best-seller in the US——to understand how to deal with changes in their lives and work.

  A. the; 不填 B. a;a C. a;不填 D. the;a

  8、Passenger: Look out! There’s a kangaroo wandering on the road! Driver: ____ it! That was lucky. It can damage my car really badly.

  A. Missing B. Missed C. To miss D. Miss

  9、Most of the audience wondered what ider a man who’s deaf from birth can have ____ music. 

  A. with B. in C. of D. at

  10、——Were you busy last weekend?

  ——Very. Rather than ____ time playing cards as usual, I devoted every effort to ____ an advertisement.

  A. wasting; making B. waste; make

  C. to waste; make D. a waste of; making

  11、——What is the man over there?

  ——I don’t know for sure. But I think he can be ____ but a teacher.

  A. anybody B. anything C. nobody D. nothing

  12、One of the requirements for a fire is that the material ____ to its burning temperature.

  A. is heated B. be heated C. would be heated D. do heat

  13、——What can I do for you, sir? 

  ——I want ____.

  A. a dime’s worth of candy B. candy a dime’s worth

  C. a dime worth of candy D. a dime-worth candy

  14、As the proverb ____, an enemy in disguise is a wolf in sheep’s ____. 

  A. runs; dress B. says; clothes C. speaks; cloth D. goes; clothing

    15、——So you are not spending your holiday in Wuhan this year. 

  ——No, ____.

  A. everywhere in Wuhan B. somewhere in Wuhan 

  C. somewhere but in Wuhan D. anywhere but in Wuhan

  16、When he realized the police had seen him, the man ____ the exit as quickly as possible.

  A. made up B. made for C. made out D. made off

  17、In the traffic accident, his father came close to ____. 

  A. be killed B. being killed C. kill D. killing

  18、The heroic story that the university student had saved a peasant’s life hit the ____ in “China Youth Daily”. 

  A. results B. efforts C. rewards D. headlines

  19、I don’t want to be interrupted, for my paper is due tomorrow. If ____ asks where I am. Just say I’ve gone out.

  A. someone B. anyone C. everyone D. no one 

  20、In ____ world, where computers rule our work and life online searches have became ____ necessity.

  A. a; a B. a; the C. the; a D. the; /

  21、——Have you heard the new benefit system is to take effect? 

  ——Yes. That’s great, yet some worry it may ____ laziness.

  A. encourage B. develop C. cause D. prevent

  22、——Excuse me, Professor Smith, I was wondering if I could leave a quarter earlier today.


  A. Nothing the matter. B. Sure, go ahead C. Oh, why not? D. Of course, no problem.

  23、——Look, it ____ again. 

  ——yeah. This is the third snow we ____ this spring. 

  A. will snow; are having B. has snowed; had had C. is snowing; have had D. snows; have had

  24、I invited five people to my party. Out of those five people, only John and Mary can come. ____ people can’t come. 

  A. The others B. The other C. Others D. Other three

  25、If you think that the illness might be serious, you should not ____ going to the doctor.

  A. put off B. put aside C. hold back D. hold up

  26、It was only after some progress ____ in the use and development of electricity that men began to realize the importance and possibilities of magnetism.

  A. was made B. would have been made C. has been made D. had been made 

  27、The central government is sparing no efforts to ____ the officials’ overuse of power to make up a healthier Party.

  A. keep off B. keep down C. keep out D. keep on

  28、Let’s go out now. It ____ any more.

  A. didn’t rain B. doesn’t rain C. won’t rain D. isn’t raining 

  29、Why don’t you try on this jacket? It ____ nice on you.

  A. looks B. looked C. will look D. has looked

  30、——Do you have ____ trouble finishing the work?

  ——The work is not so different as you think. We have finished it already.

    A. any B. no C. much D. some

  31、It’s no ____ that he didn’t come.

  A. difference B. importance C. relation D. matter

  1、C 本题主要对动词及不定式的不同形式的意义的考查。选项A表示意义不很确定;选项B表示经过的行为碰巧已经发生;选项C表示碰巧正好经过;选项D表示选定或愿意正从那儿经过。

  2、B 本题主要考查对短语动词意义的辨析。选项A的意思是“停站,赌球网址:进站,靠岸”;选项B的意思是“恢复健康,度过危机,度过危险”;选项C的意思是“阻止,斥责,使停下”;选项D的意思是“把……拉过来,把……划到对岸去”。根据句子的意思,本题的正确的答案为B。

  3、C 本题主要考查对句子结构的辨析。根据句子中的逗号可知,逗号前面部分不能是单独的句子,从而排除选项 A. B;再根据动词的过去分词没有被动语态这一知识可知,选项D错误。 

  4、B 考查“so +主语+助动词”的用法。强调“我的确警告他了,但是他没有听从我的建议。”选项A最具有迷惑性,学生容易受思维定势的影响。“ought to have done sth”表示“该做的事而没有做”,注意上下文的联系。

  5、A 考查过去时态。做此题的简便方法是找出句子的主干,“ Lang Ping ___ volleyball in China for almost twenty years.”。然后用代入法即可选出答案。

  6、A any和前面的not构成“not any more than=no more than”短语,意思是“和……一样不”。“一个没有生活经验的演员和没有大量实践的舞蹈演员一样,不会扮演好自己的角色”。

  7、B 考查冠词的用法。前者表示数量“一个”,后者表示种类“一种(非常畅销的书)”。 

  8、B 时态考查。乘客警告司机当心前面的袋鼠,司机回答,“已经绕过去了,我们的确很幸运”,“That was lucky”,说明事情发生在过去,所以应用过去时。

  9、C 本题考查介词搭配。题意为“很多观众想知道一个天生聋哑的人会对音乐有怎样的理解”。搭配结构为the idea of music。

  10、A 本题考查短语devote oneself to doing something的用法,以及短语rather than要求句子前后保持平衡,所以本题应选择A。

  11、B 本题考查句子的意思和短语的用法:anything but的意思是“根本不是”;结合句子,可以这样理解:“我还不能确定他的身份,但我敢断定,他根本不是教师”。




  15、D 根据答语No,我们可以推断出选D,anywhere but in Wuhan是“绝对不在武汉”、“肯定不在武汉”的含义。

  16、B make for…向某地走去;make off后常接介词,表示“从……跑掉”;make out有“看出、理解、开(收据等)、进展、装出”等含义;make up有“编造、和解、弥补、化装、构成”等含义。

  17、B come clos e to意为“几乎,差不多”,后面接动词的-ing形式,根据题意应用其被动形式。

  18、D 根据题意,headlines指登载在《中国青年报》上的头条新闻。

  19、B 20、A 21、A 22、B 23、C 24、B 25、A

  26、D 27、B 28、D 29、C 30、C 31、D