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    1、——Tomorrow ____ my birthday. I’d like you and Jane to come. 

  ——I’m not sure if she ____ free.

  A. will be; is B. is going to; is C. is; is D. is; will be

  2、——Do you have anything in mind ____ you’d like for supper?

  ——Well, ____ is okay with me.

  A. that; anything B. which; everything C. what; whatever D. where; something

  3、Parents are advised to take pressure ____ a child and give him some encouragement before an exam.

  A. off B. out C. from D. away 

  4、The generous donation from China to the sufferers in the killing Indian Ocean Quake-tsunami has ____ the Chinese people’s unselfishness and internationalism.

  A. let out B. brought out C. given out D. taken out 

  5、My command of English is not ____ yours.

  A. as half as B. so half good as C. good as half as D. half so good as

  6、I know the man by ____ but I have never spoken to him.

  A. chance B. heart C. sight D. experience

  7、____ nearly all behavior is learned behavior is a basic assumption of social scientists.

  A. / B. That C. It is acceptable D. When

  8、——Mary, what would you say to a holiday for the weekend?

  ——____. I am simply tired of life here. 

  A. You’re taken the words out of my mouth B. Enjoy yourself

  C. I can’t afford the time D. Where should we go?

  9、A British man who ____ to play practical jokes ____ his own humorous art work in four major New York museums over the last two weeks.

  A. liked; has secretly hung B. likes; has secretly hung 

  C. had liked; secretly hung D. has liked; secretly hung

  10、——Are you content with her lecture?

  ——Nowhere near that. It ____.

  A. may have been good B. couldn’t have been worse 

  C. can’t be better D. must be better 

  11、Shanghai is the first city in the world ____a high-speed maglev train, from the city to Pudong Airport.

  A. to build B. to be built C. to have built D. to have been built 

  12、After the 1980s, the West became Godlike to many Chinese because of ____ Westerners’ wealth, and ____ freedom to do what they wanted. 

  A. /; / B. the; the C. the; / D. /; the 

  13、Experience is believing. If you’d like to know what it ____ like to be a soldier in World War Ⅱ,____ the game “Brothers in Arms: Roads to Hill 30”.

  A. would be; try B. was; try C. would be; trying D. was; trying

  14、The inspector ____ his fingers over the sheet of newspaper. There were some marks on the surface of the paper. 

  A. turned B. set C. held D. ran

  15、The size of the generation gap seems to be spreading with ____ rapid changes in technology, in education, in transportation and in communication that are taking place all over ____ globe.

    A. the; the B. the; / C. /; / D. /; the

  16、Nothing in my life has meant ____ to me as his praise. 

  A. as much B. more C. that much D. as good 

  17、Never in my wildest dreams ____ lead to a career in the NBA, which has allowed me to give back to my people in Africa.

  A. I thought the chance would B. I thought would the chance

  C. did I think the chance would D. did I think would the chance

  18、——May I put my luggage on the seat beside you, sir? 


  A. Sure, with pleasure B. Okay, please yourself

  C. Well, never mind D. Yes, help yourself

  19、She’s fainted. Throw some water on her face and she’ll ____.

  A. come round B. come along C. come on D. come out

  20、Small as it is, the ant is as much a creature as ____ all other animals on the earth.

  A. are B. is C. have D. do

  1、D 第一空是表示“不以人的意志为转移的客观事实”,用一般现在时;第二空是表示“将来的动作”,用一般将来时。

  2、A 第一句是that引导的定语从句,先行词为不定代词anything,关系代词只能用that。第二句中的anything用在肯定句中,意为“任何东西”,含有“无一例外”之意。

  3、A 本题考查动词take构成的短语,take sth off意为“除掉,清除”。

  4、B 本题考查动词短语的区别,bring out“清楚地显示某事物,阐明,说明”;let out“发出”;give out“用光,消耗尽”;take out“移开,拿开”。

  5、D 在表示比较的句型中,表示倍数或程度的副词常放在表比较的词语之前,即:be + 倍数或程度的副词+ as…as。

  6、C know sb by sight意为“面熟”。

  7、B 根据句子的结构分析,句中的nearly all behavior is learned behavior是一个完整的句子在充当主语,称为主语从句。that引导主语从句只起连接作用,没有实际含义,但不能省略。 

  8、A 本题考查情景交际英语。根据上下文的意义,Mary的答语意为:你问的问题正是我要说的。固定词组take the words out of one’s mouth意为“说出某人要说的话”。 

  9、B 本题主要对动词的时态进行考查。根据句子后面的时间状语over the last two weeks可知,主句用现在完成时,而定语从句说明的是这个英国人的喜好,为一般行为,故应该用一般现在时。 

  10、B 本题主要考查情态动词的用法。根据回答“还差的很远”可知,她的演讲非常糟糕,于是本题的正确答案选B,couldn’t接比较级表示最高级,本选项的意思为“最糟糕了”。

  11、C 本题主要考查不定式各种形式的意义和用法。根据句子的逻辑关系,上海是修建磁力悬浮列车的执行者,不能用被动形式,根据句子的意思,不定式的动作发生在谓语动词的动作之前。 

  12、D 本题主要考查冠词的用法。第一空复数形式表示西方人这一类别,不用冠词;第二空特指做他们想做的事情的这种自由,须用定冠词the,从而正确答案为D。

  13、B 本题主要考查动词的时态。根据句子中的in World War Ⅱ可知,第一空用动词的过去时态;第二空表示要求对方去尝试某项活动,祈使句,用动词原形,于是答案为B。 

  14、D 本题考查动词在特定语境中的使用。题干中第二个分句的意思是:在纸面上有一些痕迹。该分句要求前面用run,run在此句中的意思是“做……快速移动”。

15、A 本题考查冠词。句中的changes后面有限制性定语从句修饰,所以其前要有定冠词进行特指。 

  16、A 本题考查句型搭配。本题的关键部分是as his praise(像他的赞扬一样),由此判断前面用as much,构成as…as…句型。

  17、C 本题考查倒装句式。像never,not a…,hardly,little等这样的否定词为了强调或修辞需要提到句首时,该句在习惯上要形成部分倒装句式,即把谓语部分中的助动词、系动词、情态动词或把did/does/do助动词提到主语的前面。

  18、B 本题主要考查英语交际用语的应用。选项A表示愿意帮忙;选项B表示同意;选项C表示安慰;选项D表示招待。根据对方的问题,回答只能是B。

  19、A 本题主要考查短语动词的意义区别。选项A的意思是“绕道而来,回心转意,苏醒过来”;选项B的意思是“一起来,一道走,进展,出现”;选项C的意思是“进步,进展,成长,开始”;选项D的意思是“(花)开放,出版,露出”。根据句子的意思,选A。

  20、A 本题主要考查对句子的结构的辨析。根据句子的意义可知,第二个as引导一个定语从句修饰先行词a creature;根据句子结构,先行词在从句中作表语,从句的谓语动词的形式由后面的主语all other animals决定用are,于是本题的正确答案为A。