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    1、Will you see to ____ that my birds are looked after well while I’m away?

  A. them B. yourself C. it D. me

  2、Many teens don’t get enough sleep because they have too much homework, which ____ them up at night.

  A. makes B. breaks C. turns D. keeps

  3、——Ms Lin looks rather a kind lady. 

  ——But in fact she is cold and hard on us. You ____ believe it!

  A. shouldn’t B. wouldn’t C. mustn’t D. needn’t

  4、The program is like a window on the world ____ you sit by it and fix your attention on what it shows.

  A. if B. as C. while D. unless

  5、____ the search engine just gave me some brief introductions rather than the whole content of the book to read.

  A. Luckily B. Mostly C. Funnily D. Disappointingly

  6、——Did you know any French before you arrived in Washington?

  ——Never ____ it, actually.

  A. had I learned B. have I learned C. I learned D. was I learning 

  7、In fact, more and more people ____ to live a greener, healthier and more environmentally “green life”.

  A. chose B. choose C. are choosing D. have chosen

  8、A special dinner there might include Chinese pork dish, British roast beef and French-style vegetables. Boiled rice ____ just about everything.

  A. is served with B. will serve C. serves with D. is served

  9、The professor walked onto the platform and seated himself in a chair, ____ for answering questions.

  A. had prepared B. being prepared C. preparing D. prepared

  10、In Scandinavian countries it is common ____ for the husband to stay at home to look after the baby.

  A. use B. sense C. practice D. idea

  11、——Why was our foreign teacher unhappy yesterday?

  ——News about the tsunami striking her country ____ an attack of homesickness.

  A. set for B. set out C. set about D. set off

  12、——We are informed that the Weifang International Kite Festival starts at 7:00. 

  ——Oh, I didn’t expect it was so early! I ____ to go out for dinner with my friends first.

  A. was planning B. am planning C. have been planning D. have planned

  13、____ abroad for a tour can be a great honor for an ordinary person like me.

  A. Taken B. Taking C. Being taken D. Having been taken

  14、——Did your classmate accept your invitation?

  ——No, he ____ refused. 

  A. as far as B. as well as C. as soon as D. as good as 

  15、I spent the whole day repairing the motorbike. The work was ____ simple. 

  A. nothing but B. anything but C. something of D. all except

  16、——Not getting that job was a big let-down.

——Don’t worry. Something better will ____. 

  A. come along B. take on C. go by D. fall behind 

  17、____ the help of experienced career instructors, this type of job-hunting training ____ to be very efficient.

  A. By; has proved B. With; has proved C. Under; is proving D. With; is proved 

  18、To get as much firsthand information as possible, inspectors will hold workshops and distribute questionnaires, ____?

  A. isn’t it B. won’t it C. aren’t they D. won’t they

  19、It’s a bad practice to ____ children much money as a New Year gift.

  A. promise B. permit C. admit D. allow

  20、By the time you arrive home, I ____, so please don’t make any noise when you come in.

  A. shall have been sleeping B. shall have slept C. shall sleep D. shall be sleeping 

  1、C 考查it作形式宾语的用法。

  2、D 本题主要考查动词短语的意义区别。接人作宾语时,赌球网址:选项A与之构成make up,指给演员化妆;break up,指驱散、遣散;turn up一般不接人作宾语;keep up,指使某人熬夜。根据句子的意思本题的正确答案选D。

  3、B 本题主要考查情态动词的意义和用法。选项A表示建议;选项B表示推测;选项C表示禁止;选项D表示需求。根据句子的意思,本题正确答案为B。

  4、A 本题主要考查对句子间逻辑关系的理解。选项A表示条件;选项B表示时间或原因;选项C表示时间;选项D表示否定意义的条件。根据句子的逻辑关系,答案为A。

  5、D 本题主要考查对副词意义的辨析及对句子意思的理解。选项A的意思是“幸运、感到幸运的是”;选项B的意思是“大部分地,主要地”;选项C的意思是“滑稽地、可笑地”,表示事物的特征;选项D的意思是“令人感到失望的是”。根据句意可知答案为D。 

  6、A 本题主要是对动词时态及句子语序的考查。否定词never置于句首,句子用倒装语序,排除选项C;根据句子的意思,强调在到Washington之前未学过法语,而到Washington是过去的事情,学法语则是过去的过去,须用过去完成时表示,于是本题的答案为A。

  7、C 本题主要是对动词时态的考查。选项C表示目前所正在发生或进行的动作、行为。根据句子的意思,描述目前人们生活中所发生的事情,于是本题的最佳答案为C。

  8、A 本题主要是对动词的时态、语态及搭配的考查。根据句子的意思,表示一种经常性的生活方式,故须用一般现在时;从主语与动词的关系来看,须用被动语态;再根据动词的搭配,不管什么菜都供应米饭,应该接介词with,于是,本题的正确答案为A。 

  9、D 本题主要考查对句子结构的理解。根据句子中的walked onto…and seated himself…可知,句子表示几个动作的延续,应该用几个动词的并列答案选D。

  10、C practice指惯例、习惯做法,而common sense指常识。 

  11、D set off引起,激起。A letter from his home set off an attack of homesickness…。set out出发,开始;set about开始着手。

  12、A 用过去进行时表示过去本打算干某事而实际并没干。

  13、C 句子缺少主语,首先排除 A. D;B项表示主动,只能选C。 

  14、D as good as,实际上,几乎等于。

  15、B anything but意为“一点也不”;nothing but等于only意为“正是,只是”,根据上文提供的语境,“这项工作很麻烦”。

16、A 本题主要考查动词短语的意义辨析。选项A的意思是“出现,进展,一起来”;选项B的意思是“呈现,雇佣,接纳,承担”;选项C的意思是“经过”;选项D的意思是“落后”。根据对话的内容,前者表现出对没有得到工作的悲观情绪,后者表示对他的安慰,指更好的事情会出现,于是本题的正确答案为A。 

  17、B 本题主要考查固定搭配的识记及动词的语态。根据help的搭配要求,介词须用with,从而排除选项 A. C;动词prove表示事物的性质时,为不及物动词,不用被动形式,于是本题的正确答案为B。

  18、D 本题主要考查反意疑问句部分的逻辑一致性。句子的主语是inspectors,代词用they代替;谓语动词的时态为带will的将来时,疑问部分应用won’t形式,于是本题选D。

  19、D 考查词义辨析。allow允许,使得到,而permit强调“正式认”“批准”。

  20、D 考查时态。根据题意,等到你到家的时候,我将正在睡觉。